Big Data, Dashboards and Data Analytics

Big Data technology is driving a new paradigm in data management and analytics. Federal agencies are “grappling” with developing “business cases” for investing in Big Data. As with many new technology shifts, Big Data is enabling spin-off industries such as “Back-end as a Service”, or Baas! Big Data and all it’s “cottage industry” spin-offs such as Baas are focused on leveraging the cloud as the base platform.


Big Data

SSSI has experience in assisting agencies move to Big Data platforms. We are currently supporting SSA’s “Big Data Analytics Platform as a Service to the Enterprise” initiative. We are assisting in the investigation of big data analytics capability requirements by evaluating the available options for extending computing services to include a core Big Data Analytics platform.

Once complete, the Big Data Analytics capability will provide “on-demand” analytics capabilities across the enterprise. Given that much of SSA’s data is stored on IBM mainframe’s, and will be for the foreseeable future, our unique SSA domain mainframe and SAS expertise is currently being leveraged to evaluate feasibility and technologies to extract data seamlessly into clusters of servers running Hadoop to analyze the bulk of their data.

Dashboards Data Analytics

Big Data and Paradata technologies provide robust and powerful ways of capturing, storing, and rapidly integrating relevant structured and unstructured data forms. A natural extension of these data sources is the ability to quickly analyze the

As a Sitecore Certified Solutions Provider, we work with their latest release (Sitecore 7.5) which leverages “MongoDb” for marketing analytics and data analysis. MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database classified as a “NoSQL” database. As a Big Data storage platform coupled with advanced API tools sets, it provides low cost access to data driven visual analytics tools.